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Brazil-Russia Connection

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Mix Feed is one of the main podcast channels in web. We had a talk with Lucian Castro aka FractaLL. He is one of project leaders. Just a quick listen on soundcloud and we can find many podcast channels. They became a fever, just 4 years ago, when people like the plataform cause a great place for independent producers. In this scenario that Mix Feed was born and grown up, releasing sets and tracks from Brazilian/European DJs and Producers. We have take this moment from finance soundcloud instability to talk with Lucian Castro. He told us the story of the channel and plans for the future.

Hello Lucian! Since I began to participate more actively in Brazil scene, I saw many producers crediting Mix Feed as a Russian channel. Where is Mix Feed brand from?
Mix Feed was created in Russia by my friend Denis Usanov. After some time existence we exchanged our ideas and became partners. So today Mix Feed are 50% Russia and 50% Brasil.

Can you tell more about the curation process in the channels? Are there places for sales to new producers and artists that want to participate in Mix Feed?
Mix Feed has 2 kinds of record labels: for digital sales and free download. For digital sales we receive demos and invite some artists. FREE download label works for fee.

Our demo e-mail is 

What important artists and producers that you have released at Mix Feed?
The track “Who Gives” by Alok & Shapeless have impressed us. This track took first place between our tracks less than 20 days after release. “Who Gives” is OUT on our channel called FEATURE. This soundcloud channel releases only invited artists.

As a label, how has being the Mix Feed works here? There are plans for actions out of the digital field in Brazil?
We enjoy work with Brazilian artists and international too. In the next year we are going to release more tracks and getting more followers. Out of the digital field we made two showcases in São Paulo last year. In 2016 we are going to make more parties in Brazil with artists who we work with.

Everyone is paying attention on the new copyright policy of Soundcloud, main social network from Mix Feed. There have been some problems about it? There is a concern for the future of this platform?
Yes we had some problems with bootlegs when a producers use vocals and other elements from famous tracks without permission from a copyright owner. Soundcloud ends up being forced by big records labels with the copyrights to remove from the channel.
When it happened, we cancelled releasing all bootlegs. Frankly speaking Soundcloud is the best platform for this kinds of tracks and I believe we will continue this way. But with streaming growth, this will divide our public.

Talking about streaming, tell us your vision about this service?
I like to keep my eyes on these apps evolution, because is up to us – listeners and labels owners – to adapt to these new developments. But still the Soundcloud It is irreplaceable, both for personal use, as a professional. There is no service better to search and discover new talents, for example, and artists that didn’t released songs and use the channel as a means of dissemination.

In 2016, what Mix Feed plans in terms of news?
In 2016 we are going to release the new Feature Channel, but we could not wait and already debuted in end 2015. So for next year we plan to increase the number of releases in virtual stores and also take our showcases for other places in Brazil which have not yet been realized. Another News is the youtube channel, where we will post our releases, free download and from virtual stores. Subscribe here: